Rail Division

CJ Darcl is one of the 17 Players in India with the license to operate container trains, owning sets of Container rakes. Plying between Mumbai – Kolkata & extending to Guwahati. It offers end to end transportation enabling last mile connectivity at the journeys origins and destinations. It also aggregate Cargo’s which focuses on the development of hub and scope models for inland cargo transportation of bulk consignments & promotion of containerization. This division partners with many operators as it underwrites their capacities and markets their services.

  • Owns three sets of Container rakes
  • Holds license to operate container trains
  • Services between Mumbai – Kolkata extending to Guwahati

Safe and Reliable Container Train Services

As a unique strength, CJ Darcl owns 3 sets of container rakes. Exercising complete control of their operations, the division is able to deliver higher and assured standards of performance to its customers.

  • 3 sets of container rakes owned
  • Complete control over these rakes leads to high standards of service

Parcel vans are leased/ hired from the Indian Railways by TransRail division of CJ Darcl Logistics through the route of tenders. Also, parcel vans can be hired on a need basis. Enabling transportation of smaller consignments, these parcel vans serve as cost effective and swift solutions.

Also, there are types of parcel vans which can accommodate specialized transportation. High capacity parcel vans can carry larger quantities and goods such as cars, while refrigerated parcel vans are used to contain frozen goods.

  • Leased from Indian Railways
  • Specialized requirements met using large capacity and refrigerated vans
  • Proves cost effective for customers with small, frequent consignments

TransRail division of CJ Darcl Logistics delivers multiple synergies, drawing from its association with a variety of other operators to offer shared train services. Healthy and Long standing relationships with Indian Railways enable CJ Darcl team utilize their countrywide network.

Arrangements of these sorts prove to be cost effective, and also allow transportation of partial loads aggregated together. Thus, customers who have frequent but smaller consignments are able to use such services and save costs and time.

  • Partnerships with multiple operators
  • Allows transportation of partial loads in a cost effective manner

Transrail division of CJ Darcl has set up and in the process of setting up terminals in strategically located places where private CTOs can dock their container trains as well as other customers can use for their non container rakes. We also provide the facility of loading and unloading of containers,manual loading and unloading, and storage of the containers besides providing the equipment for conducting all these operations. Thus you do not have to incur additional costs in leasing a terminal, making your freight operations more cost effective.