The Young Entrepreneurs

Pardeep Bansal (President Operations)

Pardeep Bansal holds Bachelor of Arts degree from Kurukshetra University. He joined the company in a managerial position paving way to position in Board as Director in 2000-01 till March 2010 and got re designated as President Operations & Projects. Apart from over dimensional consignments and projects, Mr. Pardeep Bansal is heading the Business Operations of North Business Unit.

Puneet Agarwal (President IT and Strategic Initiatives)

Puneet Agarwal has a degree in B.Com (H) and M. Sc. in IT and overall experience of over 17 years. With his efforts, transcription model underwent a paradigm shift to online connectivity and feeding process to achieve 100% computerization in all major branches. He joined the Company in February 2004 and serves currently as the Business Head of North Business Unit, apart from being designated as President IT and Strategic initiatives.

Vineet Agarwal (President)

Vineet Agarwal has a degree in B. Com. (Delhi University) followed by two year full time program of MBA (IIPM - Planning & Entrepreneurship) and Diploma in E-export Management with an overall experience of around 10 years. Vineet is also working as a Director on the Board of Company's Subsidiary, namely, M/s Transrail Logistics Limited. Mr. Vineet is currently heading the West Business unit.

Nitesh Agarwal (President)

Nitesh Agarwal has a degree in B. Sc. (Business Management Studies - Bradford University, UK) and PGDM (S. P. Jain Institute - Family Managed Business) with overall experience of around 15 years. He joined the Company as Assistant Vice-President on August 1, 2006 and rose to the level of Vice-President and steered the Business Operations of East Zone.

Nikhil Agarwal (President)

Nikhil Agarwal has a degree in BBM from University of Karnataka and M. A. (Finance & Investment - UK) with overall experience of nearly 10 years. Mr. Nikhil is currently heading the South Business unit.

Mahima Agarwal(Vice President - Human Resources)

Ms. Mahima Agarwal is having degree in BA and MBA (HR) from university of Rajasthan. She has an overall experience of around 10 years. Ms. Mahima is currently heading the Human Resources Department in the company.

Nitin Agarwal (Vice President)

Nitin Agarwal has a degree in BBA, MBA (IIPM) and overall experience of around 10 years. He is Vice President - West Business Unit. He also heads the Corporate Communication, Stationery and has developed keen interest in Efficiency Research and heads that department as well.

Ishant Agarwal (Vice President)

Ishant Agarwal has a degree in B. Sc. (Business Management Studies, Bradford University UK) with overall experience of more than 8 years. Mr. Ishant is currently Vice President of the East Business unit.