In keeping with its principles of being an agile, responsible, collaborative and customer-centric company, CJ Darcl aims to become India’s No. 1 Total Logistics Service Provider by 2027 while believing in humanising efficiency.


For our employees:

To provide an inclusive & progressive workplace where ownership is encouraged, performance is rewarded, and future leaders are nurtured.

For our customers:

To make our customers successful by providing them a predictable, cost effective and a seamless logistics experience backed by technology and operational excellence.

For our partners:

To augment the capability of our partners with modern processes & technology and be a consistent contributor to their business growth.

For our shareholders:

To maximize shareholder value creation by pursuing sustainable growth opportunities, practising the highest levels of corporate governance while contributing positively to a cleaner planet.


We want to actively contribute to making India a carbon neutral nation by promoting cutting edge innovation which can be used anywhere around the world.