One CJ Darcl Event

Venue: Vivanta, Dwarka, New Delhi
Theme: Realign, Resolve, Recognize

CJ Darcl Logistics organized a three-days business meet to align all the business units under one umbrella. The purpose of this workshop was to build strong connect by resolving all the voids and recognizing the correlation between all the segments of the organization. The meet well-served the purpose, by creating opportunities and everyone acknowledging their responsibilities towards the organization.

“People who feel the responsibility, are the owners of the organization”

The Corporate Wellness Program- Yoga and Meditation brought light to the day, to rejuvenate the Sanatan values, to attain calmness, comfort, and peace to mind whereas the positive recitation refines the soul. “I Belong to You,” a phrase itself shows, each one matters. The day kick-started with the feeling of belongingness when everyone has been asked to whisper to each other.

“I Belong to You,”

Initially, the lamp lighting ceremony was illuminated by the MDs, Dy. CEO and CFO. With the morality of Vasudeva Kutumbhkam, the first brick of the event was put-in by Mr. KK Agarwal and Mr. Baig, unveiling the Idea of the Theme- One_CJ Darcl. Jointly moderated by HR and A&M team, panel discussion was called whereas, Mr. KK Agarwal, Mr. DK Agarwal, Mr. RL Agarwal, Mr. NK Agarwal were the main representators. The discussions over the agenda Realign, Resolve and Recognize, were put-out with some core inspirations of Bhagwat Gita that acted as the micro-chargers for the meet.

Much anticipated topic FTL Centralization, where the alignment of all the BU Heads was the forthcoming for the organization. All the Verticals shared their growth and prospects in respect to contribution to their future targets in coming years. The brainstorming session was initiated, where the hybrid segments co-jointly worked as a team, each team has been provided a different problem statement raised by the jury members. Followed by the solutions in second half, each team presented ‘what’s in their plate’- to offer all the Judges, in accordance with which, the ratings were given and subsequently the winners were announced. To dust away the day-dullness, stand-up comedian and drum circles team were invited and the day one wrapped in giggles and laughter.

The extended event, day two started with unfathomable enthusiasm and oneness feeling. All the diversified departments such as, Branding & Marketing Communication, Warehousing & Development, Air Cargo, Coastal and Renewable energy, LTL, IMS, IT and Tracking which newly came-into-action, fore fronted their exemplary work and assured to bring revolution, which will make the difference in the organization. With aspirational mind the event proceeded with the Rewards and Recognition which was categorized under the Long-term Service Awards, Highest Revenue Achieved as per the region, branch, or unit. The awards uplifted the morality and reliability of employees in the organization. And further, motivational session acted like cherry-on-the-cake in closing of the day.

Day three started with pulling-in the energy, by recapping the reels of previous days. Other segments like Project Logistics, FF, CBD, Finance, HR etc. were projected. The emotions spilled when the two girls, Pooja and Aarti were invited on the stage to recite the Chaupayis of Ramayana. The impeccable blend of religion and the corporate culture, CJ Darcl Logistics build its three days ambient around the root values of the organization, naming it as #CorporateSatsang.

Shikshyaly – A CSR Initiative of CJ Darcl Logistics LTD

CJ Darcl Logistics Ltd. has been consciously contributing towards the betterment of the society and has been taking many CSR initiatives. One such initiative is Shikshyaly, a non-profit organization working for the kids from slum/marginalized/economically weaker section for their overall development for the past few years.

The idea behind this initiative is to provide these children with education as well as basic skills like painting, art & craft, foreign language, computers etc.

Shikshyaly also started, a few months back, the initiative to bring the children begging at Moti Nagar’s Red Lights to the mainstream with the help of Delhi Police. These children are provided with basic schooling, stationary and basic training on hygiene. Apart from this, ration is also provided to their parents to prevent them from sending the kids back to begging.

  • Shikshyaly is also helping out its students who lost their parents during the pandemic.
  • Shikshyaly has a dedicated team of teaching / non-teaching staff, and for skill development many freelancers are also associated with us.
  • Shikshyaly’s children have performed on various stages and have won many awards.

National Logistics Policy will Build A Resilient Logistics Ecosystem

The National Logistics Policy (NLP) will be a game changer that would help India reach its apex target of becoming a $20 trillion economy by the year 2040.

CJ Darcl in Indian Domestic Air Freight Industry

Indian Domestic Air Freight Industry
Air Freight allows the transportation of goods through an air carrier, either chartered or commercial. Goods shipped by air have the advantage of being shipped at high speed to their destination. This may prove advantageous when transportation is time-sensitive. In addition, freight transported by air freight passes through a higher level of security than other methods, making it one of the safest ways to transport goods.

Indian Air Freight Industry
Air Cargo logistics plays an important role in the country’s economic development. The airline, Air Cargo Terminal Operator, ground handling service, service providers, integrated express service providers, freight carriers, inland freight providers, and customs brokers are important participants in the entire air cargo supply chain. All these players together ensure that cargo is delivered on time and in full to its destination. For overseas cargo, cross-border regulators come into play such as customs.

Globally, more than one-third of the value of international trade is airlifted, which is why the air freight industry is considered a barometer of the health of the world economy. In India, Air Cargo industry has been growing steadily on the back of airport cargo infrastructure, digital infrastructure for cargo handling, and the development of collaborative partnership models wherein all stakeholders manage cargo multilaterally.

CJ DARCL Advantages for Air Cargo services
-An authorized cargo agent for all six domestic airlines operating in India, with special preferential rates
-One of the few to handle dedicated special Cargo Chartered flights
-Set up Airport Processing centers near all Metro Airports to offer short term storage facility
-An end-to-end service provider with door-to-door services, as per client requirements
-Tech-enabled services for end-to-end operational requirements, including real-time tracking, and email alerts.

Advantages of using Air Cargo–
· Efficiency- Air freight is fast, especially when using direct services.
· Safety- Air freight is usually a better way to transport fragile goods, as if the goods are properly packed, they are less likely to be damaged than sea freight.
· Security– The shipment of cargo by air is tightly managed by security, so the chance of cargo being stolen is low
· Traceability- Flights are tracked, making it easier to track shipments and giving your business a sense of security.
· Value- Air freight is billed by weight, not quantity, so it is more cost-effective to send a small amount of freight by air than by sea.
· Less warehousing requirements– The clearance time for air freight is fast, and there’s generally less stock to unload than that for cargo ships, so customs clearance is fast, and the need for local warehousing is much lower.
The Air Freight industry is poised for high growth with expanding cargo capacity, digitization, and seamless integration with all stakeholders.

Acquisition of Rail-Linked Domestic Yard with Full-Length Rail Line by CJ Darcl

CJ DARCL has been operating container trains on the Indian Railways network since 2007. Combining rail and road transportation, we are one of the few players providing these multi-modal services in India. Keeping in mind the evolving needs and challenges faced by our customers, we have been continuously innovating and value-adding in the dynamic operational dimensions to create new services.

Acquisition of Rail-linked Domestic yard with full-length Rail Line:

  • We are delighted to share that we have taken over a Rail-linked Domestic yard with a full-length Rail Line at Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai. We will now provide seamless services of door-pickup and delivery for export, import, and domestic movement and mixed goods through various types of vehicles as facilitated by IR Rakes.
  • The facility has a huge locational advantage. It is situated just 50 meters from Kalyan – Panvel – Pune highways, 150 meters offshoot from Kalyan – Panvel – Karjat & Konkan rail link, and about 17 Kms away from JNPT by road. Being a linked facility, it provides an added advantage for EXIM cargo.
  • The facility enfolds a huge land parcel which is completely furnished with paver blocks & has the infrastructure to provide a covered warehouse. It is also equipped with modern machine handling equipment.
  • To add further, It’s a pleasure to share that the first incoming rake has been placed at our KTIG Siding, Kalamboli. We have initiated operations by providing handling & Terminal access services to a customer for their Sugar Export rake.
  • We look forward to serving many more customers seamlessly through this facility at Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai.

Implementing Project Logistics

Implementing Project Logistics involves comprehensive planning and administration to take care of routes, complexity, compliance & safety, and risks.

CJ DARCL is known for its capabilities in Route planning, use of multi-modal transport, and ensuring the safety and security of cargo while achieving the best transit time within the budget. Often it is done with partners and involves permission from the government. Our Project Logistics experts design the end-to-end logistics solutions to ensure that project cargo movements are successful.

Given all the above, CJ DARCL recently created history in January 2022 in Project Logistics. It very successfully transported 470 TON stator from Krishnapatnam port to Yadadri (Telangana). This was done in collaboration with our consortium partners. At 470 TON, it is the heaviest consignment to date in the history of CJ DARCL.

How was this achieved?

  • A massive 240-wheeler vehicle with 1½ combination of Goldhoffer THP axles was used to transport the consignment from Haridwar to Kandla port by road. Then the entire consignment was transported by sea from Kandla to Krishnapatnam. The last leg of transportation was done by road with 256 wheeler vehicle i.e. 16 + 16 Goldhoffer THP axles with Girder bridge. The distance of the last leg was around 325 km.
  • Planning ahead, coordinated efforts between client and partners and consistently working together, ensured that the project was delivered successfully on time, and within the budget.

Providing Cost-Effective Solutions for Warehousing & Distribution

CJ DARCL is a highly matured 3PL service provider with dedicated, experienced and thorough professionals handling the entire gamut of Supply Chain/Logistics activities who can provide the best possible cost-effective solutions using innovative methods. We can provide world class warehousing services with utmost accuracy of warehouse inventory and cost-effective transportation services.

  • Warehousing Services
    Every aspect of each solution is leveraged from our footprint characterized by its extensive geographical coverage and adaptability to meet specific warehouse management purposes and legal requirements.
  • Distribution Services
    In combination to the order processing at our warehouses, you can benefit from our extensive distribution network for product deliveries to end customers either by Full Truck Loads, Less than Truck Loads or courier service.

CJ Darcl is Proud to Partner with India Seatrade

CJ Darcl is proud to partner with India Seatrade as sponsor and panelist for the 9th edition of The Coastal Shipping & IWT Business Summit 2022. This summit was India’s leading event for the entire coastal shipping and inland water transportation industry.