The leading pharma companies and their respective supply chains are more global in nature than any other industry because the import-export connection forms an important component. Pharmaceutical and healthcare products also need clockwork, logistics capabilities that can fulfil both ambient and temperature-controlled or cold chain requirements.

CJ DARCL’s integrated solutions encompass warehousing and distribution coupled with air, surface, coastal and multi-modal transportation that can take care of logistical needs.

Our integrated solutions for pharma and healthcare supply chains are designed by experts who understand the criticality of the industry.

CJ Darcl has a strong focus on operations, quality management and safety.

Our Strengths

  • Warehousing – Our expert solutions in warehousing help improve productivity, throughput and overall efficiency resulting in reduced costs & working capital.
  • Primary/Secondary/Regional Distribution – We have a fleet of owned as well as leased trucks of multiple sizes, which service the primary/secondary distribution demands of our customers.
  • Safety and Hygiene – All international norms, safety protocols and compliances are in place and are adhered to 24×7 as part of the operations.
  • Integrated Transportation – Our integrated transportation services give you the flexibility to choose Full Truck Load (FTL), Express and/or Rail/Coastal based options, on the geographic location of the deliveries. Along with, CJ Darcl provides CHA & Freight Forwarding services for customer’s Import/Export requirements.

We give industry leading transit times as well as near-zero, in-transit damages. And the best-in-class Transport Management System for real-time visibility, track and trace. Our advantages include pan-India infrastructure hub, integrated with next-gen technology, and a workforce who come with relevant experience and expertise.