Consumer Durables

The supply chain challenges in the consumer durables, electronics and hi-tech sectors are low margins, low product life cycles and obsolescence. In addition to that product proliferation, demand volatility and seasonality are also seen as some of the dominant threats faced by this industry.

India, being an emerging economy, has complex market dynamics due to the multiplicity of channels and its respective penetration across each of these existing channels. While general trade distribution business has been the dominant factor in the past, this sector has seen a significant boom from e-commerce and modern omnichannel, not to mention, the resultant customer expectations have also raised a few crests.

At CJ DARCL, we are equipped to handle these market vagaries and offer expert solutions in storage and handling, inventory management, and customised processes to handle the fluctuating demands of the sector.

CJ Darcl provides solutions to consumer durables industry, which needs load optimization through bigger size containerised fleets for logistics.

CJ DARCL has an expert team to provide integrated, tech-enabled warehousing and transportation services. Our technology provides visibility within the warehouse, and offers track and trace solutions while in-transit. We can service flexible operations, inventory management,cross-dock facilities, etc. with complete efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Service Strengths

  • Warehousing – Our expert solutions in warehousing help improve productivity, throughput and overall efficiency resulting in reduced costs & working capital & working capital.
  • Primary/Secondary/Regional Distribution – We have a fleet of owned as well as leased trucks of multiple sizes, which service the primary/secondary distribution demands of our customers.
  • Integrated Transportation – Our integrated transportation services give you the flexibility to choose Full Truck Load (FTL), Express and/or Rail/Coastal based options, on the geographic location of the deliveries. Along with these, CJ Darcl provides CHA & Freight Forwarding services for customer’s Import/Export requirements.

We give industry leading transit times as well as near-zero, in-transit damages. And the best-in-class Transport Management System for real-time visibility, track and trace. Our advantages include pan-India infrastructure hub, integrated with next-gen technology, and a workforce who come with relevant experience and expertise.