CJ Darcl filed DRHP with SEBI seeking approval to raise funds.


In keeping with its principles of being an agile, responsible, collaborative and customer-centric company, CJ Darcl aims to become India’s No. 1 Logistics Service Provider by 2027 while believing in humanising efficiency.


For our employees:

To provide an inclusive and progressive workplace that encourages freedom to express and continuously embraces best practices in technology to accelerate personal growth without losing human touch.

For our customers:

To always deliver on the commitment given and timelines assured, while putting in place operational excellence that is equipped to handle transit crisis and provide total logistics solutions.

For our partners:

To strengthen long-term partnerships with vendors by offering multi-modal solutions for different types of cargo and transparent payment policies, besides providing modern processes and technology.

For our shareholders:

To protect the interest of all shareholders by employing guiding principles that hone relationships, commitment, trust and collaboration to stay as the leader of the industry who believes in humanising efficiency.


Being a total logistics solutions provider and consultancycompany, CJ Darcl is committed to reducing carbon emissions in their operations by investing in technology that optimises end-to-end solutions.