CJ Darcl filed DRHP with SEBI seeking approval to raise funds.

Shikshyaly – A CSR Initiative of CJ Darcl Logistics LTD

CJ Darcl Logistics Ltd. has been consciously contributing towards the betterment of the society and has been taking many CSR initiatives. One such initiative is Shikshyaly, a non-profit organization working for the kids from slum/marginalized/economically weaker section for their overall development for the past few years.

The idea behind this initiative is to provide these children with education as well as basic skills like painting, art & craft, foreign language, computers etc.

Shikshyaly also started, a few months back, the initiative to bring the children begging at Moti Nagar’s Red Lights to the mainstream with the help of Delhi Police. These children are provided with basic schooling, stationary and basic training on hygiene. Apart from this, ration is also provided to their parents to prevent them from sending the kids back to begging.

  • Shikshyaly is also helping out its students who lost their parents during the pandemic.
  • Shikshyaly has a dedicated team of teaching / non-teaching staff, and for skill development many freelancers are also associated with us.
  • Shikshyaly’s children have performed on various stages and have won many awards.