CJ Darcl filed DRHP with SEBI seeking approval to raise funds.

CJ Darcl in Indian Domestic Air Freight Industry

Indian Domestic Air Freight Industry
Air Freight allows the transportation of goods through an air carrier, either chartered or commercial. Goods shipped by air have the advantage of being shipped at high speed to their destination. This may prove advantageous when transportation is time-sensitive. In addition, freight transported by air freight passes through a higher level of security than other methods, making it one of the safest ways to transport goods.

Indian Air Freight Industry
Air Cargo logistics plays an important role in the country’s economic development. The airline, Air Cargo Terminal Operator, ground handling service, service providers, integrated express service providers, freight carriers, inland freight providers, and customs brokers are important participants in the entire air cargo supply chain. All these players together ensure that cargo is delivered on time and in full to its destination. For overseas cargo, cross-border regulators come into play such as customs.

Globally, more than one-third of the value of international trade is airlifted, which is why the air freight industry is considered a barometer of the health of the world economy. In India, Air Cargo industry has been growing steadily on the back of airport cargo infrastructure, digital infrastructure for cargo handling, and the development of collaborative partnership models wherein all stakeholders manage cargo multilaterally.

CJ DARCL Advantages for Air Cargo services
-An authorized cargo agent for all six domestic airlines operating in India, with special preferential rates
-One of the few to handle dedicated special Cargo Chartered flights
-Set up Airport Processing centers near all Metro Airports to offer short term storage facility
-An end-to-end service provider with door-to-door services, as per client requirements
-Tech-enabled services for end-to-end operational requirements, including real-time tracking, and email alerts.

Advantages of using Air Cargo–
· Efficiency- Air freight is fast, especially when using direct services.
· Safety- Air freight is usually a better way to transport fragile goods, as if the goods are properly packed, they are less likely to be damaged than sea freight.
· Security– The shipment of cargo by air is tightly managed by security, so the chance of cargo being stolen is low
· Traceability- Flights are tracked, making it easier to track shipments and giving your business a sense of security.
· Value- Air freight is billed by weight, not quantity, so it is more cost-effective to send a small amount of freight by air than by sea.
· Less warehousing requirements– The clearance time for air freight is fast, and there’s generally less stock to unload than that for cargo ships, so customs clearance is fast, and the need for local warehousing is much lower.
The Air Freight industry is poised for high growth with expanding cargo capacity, digitization, and seamless integration with all stakeholders.