CJ Darcl filed DRHP with SEBI seeking approval to raise funds.

Acquisition of Rail-Linked Domestic Yard with Full-Length Rail Line by CJ Darcl

CJ DARCL has been operating container trains on the Indian Railways network since 2007. Combining rail and road transportation, we are one of the few players providing these multi-modal services in India. Keeping in mind the evolving needs and challenges faced by our customers, we have been continuously innovating and value-adding in the dynamic operational dimensions to create new services.

Acquisition of Rail-linked Domestic yard with full-length Rail Line:

  • We are delighted to share that we have taken over a Rail-linked Domestic yard with a full-length Rail Line at Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai. We will now provide seamless services of door-pickup and delivery for export, import, and domestic movement and mixed goods through various types of vehicles as facilitated by IR Rakes.
  • The facility has a huge locational advantage. It is situated just 50 meters from Kalyan – Panvel – Pune highways, 150 meters offshoot from Kalyan – Panvel – Karjat & Konkan rail link, and about 17 Kms away from JNPT by road. Being a linked facility, it provides an added advantage for EXIM cargo.
  • The facility enfolds a huge land parcel which is completely furnished with paver blocks & has the infrastructure to provide a covered warehouse. It is also equipped with modern machine handling equipment.
  • To add further, It’s a pleasure to share that the first incoming rake has been placed at our KTIG Siding, Kalamboli. We have initiated operations by providing handling & Terminal access services to a customer for their Sugar Export rake.
  • We look forward to serving many more customers seamlessly through this facility at Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai.