Implementing Project Logistics

Implementing Project Logistics involves comprehensive planning and administration to take care of routes, complexity, compliance & safety, and risks.

CJ DARCL is known for its capabilities in Route planning, use of multi-modal transport, and ensuring the safety and security of cargo while achieving the best transit time within the budget. Often it is done with partners and involves permission from the government. Our Project Logistics experts design the end-to-end logistics solutions to ensure that project cargo movements are successful.

Given all the above, CJ DARCL recently created history in January 2022 in Project Logistics. It very successfully transported 470 TON stator from Krishnapatnam port to Yadadri (Telangana). This was done in collaboration with our consortium partners. At 470 TON, it is the heaviest consignment to date in the history of CJ DARCL.

How was this achieved?

  • A massive 240-wheeler vehicle with 1½ combination of Goldhoffer THP axles was used to transport the consignment from Haridwar to Kandla port by road. Then the entire consignment was transported by sea from Kandla to Krishnapatnam. The last leg of transportation was done by road with 256 wheeler vehicle i.e. 16 + 16 Goldhoffer THP axles with Girder bridge. The distance of the last leg was around 325 km.
  • Planning ahead, coordinated efforts between client and partners and consistently working together, ensured that the project was delivered successfully on time, and within the budget.