CJ Darcl filed DRHP with SEBI seeking approval to raise funds.

Cj Darcl Logistics – Your Trusted Logistics Service Provider in India

CJ DARCL Logistics is a leading logistics service provider in India, offering high-quality transportation solutions to a variety of industries. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures the delivery of seamless services customized to meet specific needs.

CJ DARCL Logistics is among the top transportation companies in India, representing the transportation of goods and cargo in a wide range of industries. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we deliver integrated services aimed at fulfilling each client’s needs. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we guarantee 100% Vehicle Tracking, Load & Route Optimization, and 99% Safe Deliveries, ensuring the safest and most efficient cargo transportation from origin to destination, solidifying our position as a trusted choice in the industry.

At CJ DARCL Logistics, our priority is delighting customers by consistently exceeding their expectations. We meticulously craft each interaction to deliver service that surpasses even the highest of expectations. Through our ability to effectively handle substantial volumes of truckload allotments each month, we become the go-to company for true seamless transportation between manufacturing plants, warehouses, and delivery points across the country.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

  • Maximizing the utilization of our substantial fleet of Company-Owned Trucks, facilitating efficient Full Load Services.
  • Our technology-driven ‘asset-right’ model enables tailored logistics solutions for diverse industries and clients.
  • Utilize advanced technology infrastructure, integrating Transport Management System (TMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS), to optimize customer order booking, planning, allocation, loading supervision, shipment tracking, and ticketing management seamlessly.
  • Individuals highly skilled in serving clients in an exemplary manner.
  • Integrated AI-powered dashcams across its fleet, helping the company improve fleet operation performance, driver behaviour, and reduce thefts.
  • Setup GPS Tracking Systems for real-time tracking of vehicles along the route.
  • As delivery schedule compliance and cargo security are of utmost importance to maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Customer-centric approach ensuring efficient transportation of full truck load and container shipments.

Our extensive reach spans across the country, providing top-tier services to distinguished clients across diverse industries. Consequently, we stand as the preferred choice for transportation solutions in India.

CJ DARCL Logistics has a first-class reputation with a customer retention rate of 98%, and customized solutions that fit your exact needs. A team of professionals with years of experience ensures optimal routing and operational efficiency, providing budget-friendly transportation service at the top level. We are also dedicated to environmental sustainability, utilizing eco-friendly methods to lessen carbon emissions. Our commitment to safety is manifested not only in the rigorous procedures aimed at the preservation of cars, loads, and drivers. Our investment in the latest technology and staying up to date with the latest advances ensures smooth and effective operations.

Reach out to us now to see how CJ DARCL Logistics can take your transportation experience to the next level with customized and personalized solutions. With us, you can simplify your supply chain and accelerate your business growth.

For further details, please visit our website at www.cjdarcl.com or reach out to us via email at reachus @cjdarcl.com or call us at 1800-212-4455