CJ Darcl filed DRHP with SEBI seeking approval to raise funds.

Subsidiary Companies

Transrail Logistics Limited

A wholly-owned subsidiary of CJ Darcl, Transrail was incorporated in 2008 to provide transportation services by road. The business spreads across segments, such as iron & steel, petroleum, chemicals, food-grains, FMCG, etc. Transrail is recognised for adhering to very high standards of safety and reliability.

Darcl Nepal

A wholly-owned subsidiary of CJ Darcl, Darcl Nepal is a private limited company that provides transportation services by road across Nepal. The company was incorporated in February, 2013, and it provides international cargo and handling services to customers spread all over the country.



Fr8ology Private Limited


Fr8ology Private Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CJ Darcl Logistics Limited and it was incorporated on 17th March, 2017. Fr8ology is engaged in business of technology-based logistics solutions and products, domestically and internationally, including aggregation of transport, vehicle tracking solutions on its platform – in the physical and/or electronic form – by way of fax, electronic-mail (e-mail), Internet, Intranet, e-commerce, m-commerce, mobile applications and/or any other means. It enables the transactions of hiring of all types of fleets comprising trucks, trailers, lorries, containers, cars, taxies or any other motor vehicle for consideration, commission, service fee, introduction fee and to act as a facilitator, advisor, consultant, platform, agent and service provider.


CJ Korea Express India Private Limited

CJ Korea Express Private Limited is a fully-owned subsidiary of CJ Darcl Logistics. It was incorporated in May 2011. The company is engaged in the business of logistics services, customs clearing and freight forwarding agents, carrying agents, door-to-door delivery, cash on delivery (COD), domestic and international couriers, general sales agents, luggage and cargo booking agents, freight contractors, warehousing, trucking, ship-owners, wharf fingers, barge owners, charters of all kinds of transport, such as airway, railway, shipping line owners and road transport owners.